Tech Specs

The Hardware:-

We looked in some detail as to what hardware we should offer and it would have been very easy to just cheapest hardware we could find as many of our competitors do.


We realised that this should be the start of a long term relationship and therefore the better the quality of the hardware the longer it would last and as we are offering on site hardware support it made sense to only use the best we could find.


This is where our hardware partners Box Technologies stepped in and EPoS.Pub was born. We have worked with the team at Box for many years and their hardware is superb, If in doubt ask the Post Office, Marstons PLC or Coral/Ladbrokes some of their recent role outs.


The EPoS Terminal is a perfect fit for the pub sector, it has a 15” projective capacitive touchscreen, it has 4gb ram, a solid state drive, it uses the latest Windows operating system for business and it is fanless, so it really does have no moving parts. Its is even IP65 rated so its designed to resist wet environments.


It’s the same story with the receipt printer, most lower price units fire the receipt out of the top, but that’s exactly where any beer or other liquids would run in, so we chose to use the Epson TMT70 one because its fires the receipt out of the front but also because its made by Epson, the leading receipt printer supplier in the world.


As you can see we have continually driven to use the best hardware and then we developed what is probably one of the best for a wet led pub software applications, and we know because we write it.


In other words our hardware was designed for Wet Trade it really is a best of breed solution, but at an affordable price.

Tech Specs

The Software:-

Again we could have taken the cheaper option and gone for an Android application but again for interface capabilities and longevity of the application we went with Windows and a SQL database. This allows for easy interface, it can grow with you and is superbly function rich.


The application we use is the Equis product from Definitive EPoS, we wrote the application specifically for the licensed trade using the experience not only of ourselves but also the hundreds of sites using it.


“I just though I would drop you a quick note to thank you and your team for going the extra mile, the training has had quite an impact on our day to day system maintenance routines, we are extremely happy with progression”.


“The weekly returns report is exactly what I was looking for, the financials for Lesley is an accountants dream, with the live information we have, we are able to form a more controlled stock levels and cash on site. Again many thanks for your high level of service.”


So our application is a hybrid cloud solution that gives all the benefits of a real time cloud solution but also ensures that all transactions continue even if we are “offline” until connection is re-established


Here is some of the bullet points that make our software so fit for purpose in a pub


  • Speed, we have a very fast responsive solution and all the best selling items are on the main screen
  • Then we use menus to give complete control, draughts, spirits etc etec
  • We guide the user, so if it’s a gin it asks which mixer
  • If its food same applies, “do you want mash or chips or maybe both”
  • Each operator has their own button or number or security tag.
  • All operators can have sales running at the same time
  • If you have two tills the transaction moves with the operator between tills 
  • There are fast tender buttons for those that still pay by cash
  • We can integrate your credit cards as well
  • We can offer promotions, and loyalty for your clients.
  • Its really easy to change prices and ad new products
  • Each item can be stock item
    • Stock control is standard but you don’t have to use it
  • We understand that you buy in different sizes
  • You can put your purchases in along with your orders
  • You can do line checks and stock counts
  • There is a complete back office/head office solution.
  • Multi Branch as well as multi till
  • All with great service and support
  • The software is constantly updated
  • New modules are added
  • You’ll never pay for updates to the modules you ordered
  • It just keeps getting better and better


“All too often people are quick to complain about bad service, but never say when they have had great service, so I just wanted to provide some feedback for the great service I received yesterday”