About Us

EPoS.Pub is a collaboration between one of the UK’s largest EPoS hardware suppliers (Box Technologies) and one of the most experienced pub specialist EPoS software and solution providers Definitive EPoS.


We all realised that there was a real problem for Pub landlords when it came to their EPoS solution, many of the local suppliers who really know the industry had gone by the wayside after the online EPoS companies made promises they simply could not, or would not keep.


Quality and service in the EPOS industry has fallen to all-time lows, as we said the local companies who did provide that experience and service have often gone out of business and its difficult often to find someone to help. The online solutions are often the only place to go and where price is king, service often suffers.


One leading supplier has 8% rating them as bad or poor that’s nearly 1 in 12 who are very unhappy.


This is where we fight back with quality hardware well designed software specifically for the licensed trade and great on site service.


What could a publican do, their business wasn’t based around a coffee shop, or a butchers (well not normally), they needed a secure, reliable EPoS system designed for wet trade, and after destroying tablets time and time again we realised there needed to be an alternative.


An alternative that allowed for the rigours of pub life, that allowed you to actually speak to someone about support, an alternative that actually provided a hardware engineer on site to make a repair.


This industry needs EPoS.Pub