How good is the software?
  • Theres no such thing as perfect software but our has been specifically designed for pubs and licensed premises over 10 years with many pubs and pub companies we think its the best you can buy.
  • Its also based on Microsoft Windows technology so again its designed for the job, its not a tablet application (that’s available separately) it’s a proper business tool 
How good is the hardware?
  • This is something we do know about, and for an epos terminal to function in a pub it needs to be IP rated, it needs to have been built for the sector.  
  • Even the printer needs to be pub compliant, most printers fire the paper out the top, exactly where beer and moisture can enter, our fire from the front, it simply provides longer operating life.
Do I need an internet connection to use the system?
  • We are a cloud based solution, so data is available anywhere and in real time however:-
    • From a sales point of view the till will continue to operate even if the internet/broadband connection fails.
    • An internet connection is required for any back office operations and remote management.
On busy weekends we sometimes have 4 members of staff behind the bar, can the system handle this?
  • Yes, the system supports multiple staff members or Cashiers all with transactions running simultaneously. Individual Cashiers can be identified by a simple button, displaying a name, a code/password or with a magnetic key (Dallas Keys).
  • Dallas keys offer the quickest and most secure solution on a busy bar and reduce the possibility of cross ringing as the staff member keep the key with them meaning the sale is held on the system each time they move away from the till.
I sell food as well as drinks is the system good for that too?
  • We have always understood that many pubs also sell food so we have all the usual facilities to help you with food,
  • We have full table tracking and table management
  • We can Kitchen Print
  • We can even split and add bills as well, in fact everything we think you need for a food operation, we can even offer table order tablets and order apps for outside ordering.
Can I record Pay Outs (payments I make for miscellaneous purchases)?
  • Yes, the Banking section of the system allows payments to be recorded either directly from the cash drawer or, for larger amounts, from the safe.
I have read that Customer Loyalty is available as an option, how does this work?
  • Offering a customer loyalty scheme is a great way to give something back to your customers by rewarding them from supporting your business.  The loyalty system is configured to award points based on items purchased.  This can be a flat rate of points for each pound spent or be weighted towards particular products giving extra points on specific purchases.  We can even run scheduled promotions multiply the number of points awarded at certain times, for example double points on a Wednesday, encouraging footfall on quieter days.
  • Once the customer has accrued the minimum number of points they can choose to “spend” them against future purchases. 
If I want the till to be professionally installed can this happen.
  • Yes, of course, we realise that although it should be as simple as plugging in there will be people that need a full on site installation and of course we can offer this to suit, just call
I Can I use the system on an iPad?

There are two parts to this question, PoS (Front of House) and Back Office (Back of House),


Front of House

  • iPads are not a suitable device to use as a PoS terminal in a wet led environment. The hardware supplied with the system is specifically designed for use within the hospitality environment encompassing features which ensure reliable operation 365 days a year.


Back of House

  • The back office application requires a Windows device, but reporting can accessed via a web browser on multiple devices, including iPads.
What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Firstly pick up the phone and call us, we don’t mind, in fact we encourage it,
  • We have got you covered, no matter whether you need to ask a question about managing your system or something more serious which requires an engineer visit, it is included in your monthly payment.