Card Payments

Integrate Your Credit Card Processing into your EPoS or use separate terminals its all up to you.

Whether a customer wishes to pay by Cash or Card you want to offer the best, most convenient, solution which allows your customer to spend money with you easily and simply while maintaining your security and controls.

This can also involve costs, and these are sometimes a little difficult to understand and compare.


This is where we can help, we have multiple solutions for card payments, we have multiple devices to choose from and understand how competitive the market can be and that the way a package is put together is difficult to compare.


Our payment partner is Paymentsense, they offer excellent value on integrated and standalone solutions.

You just choose which deal suits you, we can even arrange to have your old contract paid off early so you can always save money


Finally we are independent, we are not owned by a card processor and we can offer simple straightforward advice to help you and your business.